5 Best WordPress Cache Plugins (2020) Which Speed Up Your Website Drastically

5 Best Wordpress Cache Plugins (2020)

Hi Guys, Today I am Going to tell you about 5 Best WordPress Cache Plugins (2020) Which Speed Up Your Website Drastically.

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What is Cache ?

In Simple Words : In computing, a cache is nothing but storing a data so that future requests for that data can be served faster without any delay and also it reducing the loading time.

What is Website Cache or Web Cache ?

When a Web Page is Loaded by a User, php and mysql are used. Therefore, System needs RAM and CPU to Load.

If More Number of Users comes to your Website at a Same time,System uses lots of RAM and CPU

So Page is Loads very slowly.

In this case, you need a cache system. Cache system generates a static html file from your dynamic WordPress blog and saves. Now After a html file is generated , your webserver will serve that file instead of again processing the heavier WordPress PHP scripts.

What is WordPress Cache Plugin ?

The Plugin Which Helps in Generating a Static HTML File is Known as ” WordPress Cache Plugins”.

It Also Provides Images Optimisation and Minify the Js,CSS,HTML.

Why is Cache Plugin is Important ?

1.Site speed is also a Important thing in Google’s search ranking algorithm.

2.Cache Plugins is Mainly Used to improve your page load time because it will improve your SEO ranking.

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5 Best WordPress Cache Plugins (2020) Which Speed Up Your Website Drastically

  1. WP Rocket
  2. Litespeed Cache
  3. W3 Total Cache
  4. WP Super Cache
  5. Wp Fastest cache

Let’s See it One By One.

1.WP Rocket [ Premium Plugin ]

WP Rocket Developed By Jonathan Buttigieg and Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier

Legitability – 10+ Million Times Installation SINCE 2013 (Age – 7 Yrs)

PerformanceThe Best Cache Plugin Till Now and its Performance is Excellent , Loads any webpage within a Seconds

Understandability – Ver Easy to Understand and almost it takes 2 minutes to Setup.

Premium Features – Defer JS Loading,Lazyload,Google Fonts Optimization,Database Optimization,Cache Preloading,GZIP Compression,CDN,CloudFlare Compatibility

 Final Rating   

2.LiteSpeed Cache [ Free ]

LiteSpeed Cache Developed By LiteSpeed Technologies

Legitability – 1+ Million Times Installation SINCE 2008 (Age – 12 Yrs)

PerformanceThe Best Free Cache Plugin Till Now and it’s Performance is Super Cool and Provides a All Premium Features For Free and Gives a Tough Competition to No.1 Premium Plugin WP-Rocket.

Understandability – Somewat Easy , User Needs Some Guides in Speed Optimisation and Image Compression Settings.

Features – Automatically generate Critical CSS,Load CSS/JS Asynchronously,Heartbeat control ,WebP image format support,,Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML,Free CDN Cache,Image Optimization (Lossless/Lossy)Object Cache (Memcached/LSMCD/Redis) Support+,Lazyload images/iframes,DNS Prefetching

 Final Rating   

3.W3 Total Cache [ Free + Premium ]

W3 Total Cache Developed By BoldGrid

Legitability – 1+ Million Times Installation SINCE 2008 (Age – 12 Yrs)

Performance – 10x Improvement in Performance and also Improves the SEO , Increasing Website Performance and Reducing load times.

Understandability –  Some User can’t Understand its Plugin Features and Work On it. They Need Some Tutorials on Settings.

Premium Features -Full Site Delivery via CDN ,Lazy Loading for Google Maps, Fragment Caching,Purge Logs,Eliminate Render Blocking CSS.

 Final Rating   

4.WP Super Cache [ Free ]

WP Super Cache Developed By Automattic

Legitability – 2+ Million Times Installation SINCE 2009 (Age – 11 Yrs)

Performance – Very Good in Performance Wise and also Provides Most of the Premium Features for Free.

Understandability – Yes , User can Easily Understand its Plugin and Work On it.

Features – CDN support , Compress pages , Minify Html , Minify JS , Minify CSS

 Final Rating   

5.WP Fastest Cache [ Free + Premium ]

WP Fastest Cache Developed By Emre Vona

Legitability – 1+ Million Times Installation

Performance – It Provides Super Performance by Loading Web Pages within 1 Seconds.

Understandability – Yes , User can Easily Understand its Plugin and Work On it.

Premium Features – Image Optimization ,Convert WebP,Lazy Load,Database Cleanup,Defer Javascript

 Final Rating   

@@@ Final Conclusion @@@

LAST BUT NOT LEAST – I’ll Recommend Lite Speed Since it’s Free And Worth it and Wp Rocket [ Premium ] For Best Case Scenario “

You Can Also Google it For More Caching Plugins.

That’s It ! You’re Done Man ! 

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