How to Bypass Url Shortener 2020 ? | Link Shortener Bypass Trick 2020 [ Latest ]


Hi Guys , Today I am Going to tell you to How to Bypass Url Shortener 2020 ? And Tell You the Link Shortener Bypass Trick 2020 [ Latest ].  We have been searching for file to download it but for a past 4-5 Years there is some intermediate networks which prevents the download links.That is Nothing but Url Shorteners Network .Their Main Purpose is to Earn Money from the people who visits their page and click on their annoying ads.Some of them are providing Virus and malware free ads in their site , But Most of them are using the annoying ads on their sites like annoying Pop Ads and Push Notifications .

How Did Url Shorteners Sites Works ?

Their Work is based on the user who registered on their site .They Make the registered users to use their service for shorten the download links and If a person visits that shortened Links and the user is rewarded some amount from the url shorteners site .  It Sounds like Very Good but it is not . They Say we offer cpm rates as 7 or 8 or even 25 / 1000 views . But These are all fake . They are using the registered users efforts to make their site best and earning money from them but giving a little few credits to them . But Some of Few sites provide Legit payments and Worthable to work for them . But most of the site will active for a year and earn money and then shut off withour no reason and wont give money for the users who registered .So , in Order to Avoid these Kind of Shorten Urls I’m Going to tell you How to Bypass Url Shortener 2020 ?

Fig . 1 and 2 – Shortened url With Annoying Ads

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Steps For How to Bypass Url Shorteners Links

Step 1 : First of all Go to  and Type Universal Byasser and Search it You’ll Find the resuts.

Step 2 : Now open the browser Extensions site of which browser that you have been using . It is Upto You . If Using Chrome Means Then Goto Chrome Extension Site.

Step 3 : Now Click On The ” Add To Chrome ” Button and Install The Extension .

Step 4: On the Top Right Corner You’ll Find the extension and click on it .

Step 5 : Now Here the main step after clicking the icon a window will appear . In that Window Tick on the “Enable Website Bypass “.

Step 6 : Now Open the Shortened Url And You’ll See the link get bypassed within a second .

Step 7 : Now Copy The Destination Link Which You Got and Paste it in new tab and Start Downloading .

Step 8 : That’s All You Done It Man . Keep Rocking !

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