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How to Connect Freenom Domain To Blogger ? | Freenom Domain Tutorial 2020

Hi Guys , Today I am Going to tell you to How to Connect Freenom Domain To Blogger ? | Freenom Domain Tutorial 2020| Freenom Domain Tutorial 2020. We always Like to learn new things especially computer lovers like to learn a new things like technology , tricks and tips etc.. In that Blogging is also a main part for all the websters . Most of us Started our journey with blogger only Blogger is great source for all the beginners to share their ideas and thoughts to the world . It is the Best media which gives unlimited storage and bandwidth . It comes under Google products . But can’t stay in blogger forever since it has some drawbacks like some restrictions and it has sub domain in the website link like .So We like to move towards Websites . Most Of them Like to start a website for free and most of us searched a lot for starting a website for free Including me . Because we all like to earn money from websites and blogger for our daily needs .

So we First Think For Free Domains and We start to look for it .In that Huge Searches most of us got tired of it and give up the thought since it all fake but there is some websites which offers free domain . But those sites also comes up with subdomains . Some Websites Gives Free Domain But Storage will be very less which makes you to buy from them. So , Most of them Give up the idea of buying a free domain. But some of them keep searching for it and After Those Biggest Searches , We have found one same results that is FREENOM ! . We May Also Search for linking the already used bloggers to freenom domain and it is possible one . Yeah , We can link our old bloggers with freenom domains by changing the nameservers and point it to freenom.

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Who Is Freenom ?

A Free Domain Registar Company Which was founded by Joost Zuurbier on December 2012 and their headquaters located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Whether Its Life Time Free ?

The Answer is No For Bloggers . Because they offer only One Year for Free . Next Year You have to pay .

The Answer is Yes For those who Buy Hosting With FastComet Then They give the domain for Lifetime Free .

Steps For How to Connect Freenom Domain To Blogger ? | Freenom Domain Tutorial 2020


Step 1 : First Of All Goto Freenom Website And Register A New Account In It .

Step 2  : Now Register A New Domain On Your Favourite Niche’s. ( The Available Domains are .tk,.ga,.ml )

Step 3 : Choose Any One And Click On The Check Availability Button.

Step 4 : It Will Provide Some Results About Available Domains.

Step 5 : Click On The Button Check It Now And It Will  be Selected And Now click on the Checkout button .

Step 6 : At Review And Checkout Page It Will Ask For Email Adress Details To Verify , Provide Your Email – Id And Give Verify Email Address.

Step 7 : You’ll Receive a Confirmation Message On Your Mail And Confirm It in Your Mail.

Step 8 : Enter The Following details to complete your order .

Step 9 : You’ll Receive A Message About Order Confirmation and Click on the Button To Go To Client Area Dashboard .

Step 10 : Now Navigate To Services And It Will Show You a Dropdown List . In That List Select My Domains Option .

Step 11 : Click Manage Domain Button To Proceed Further Step.

Step 12 : Click Manage Freedom Nameservers And Edit It By Adding A-Records One By One And CNAME Records .

You Can Get A-Records Details Here

Step 13 : To Get CNAME Records Name And Target , Just Go To Your Blogger Settings And Click the Setup a 3rd Party Url and now enter and save your new url but url wont be saved instead it will give you the CNAME to ask you to save it on freenom .

Step 13 : It Won’t Save it gives a error message that gives you the records details .

Step 15 : Now Copy Those Two CNAME Records And Paste It In Freenom And Pasting Click Save Changes Button . Now You Can See Freenom Gets Synced With Your Blogger.

Step 16 : But Blogger Won’t Sync Quickly . It Takes Sometime To Get Synced With Freenom Name Servers.Wait For it

Step 17 : Meanwhile , Go to Your Blogger Dashboard and Navigate To Your Settings Section And There You can find the HTTPS Section and You will see that it is turned on . We Have To change the Yes Option To No

Reason For Turning Off Https 

Since Freenom Doesn’t provide Https support , To Get https Support You Need To Buy SSL Certificate . But There is no security provided by freenom so no SSL Certificate is issued by them So It Supports Only Http.

Step 18 : After Changing it To No And Wait For Sometime To get your site to Live .

Step 19 : Your Site Will be Live !

Pros And Cons Of Free Domain 

Pros Of Free Domain 

1.It Is Very Much Useful for those who are conducting College Fest Events since it is for shorter periods

2. Best For Website Developing Knowledge.

3. Useful For Simple Bloggers

Cons Of Free Domain 

1.Main Disadvantage is SEO .It Will Affect You Search Engine Optimisation

2. Lose Your Backlinks An Rankings Which you have Earned in One year

3. Limited Service , After Trial Period They Charge For More for Your Domain

@@ My Honest Advice @@

Don’t Go With Free Domains At All . They are Always Fake . They Don’t Treat us Honestly . Freenom Also Same , They offer You Free Domain For A Year but within this period if your domain  gets high traffic they take your website from you and sell it to others .

So Don’t Go For Free Domains Instead Buy A New Domain At Cheap Price . Try Hostinger

If Free Domain Is Fake Why I’m Posting This Post is to get knowledge about everything . Without Trying These You Can’t Know Anything . Always Give A Try . Then Decide .

Practise And Experience Makes You To Make Perfect Decision !

Finally I’ve Showed You How to Connect Freenom Domain To Blogger ? If You Have Any Doubts Comment Me Below or Contact Via Mail .


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