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How to Enable & Disable Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome?

Hi Guys, Today I am Going to tell you How to Enable & Disable Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome?

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You are at the Right Place to Get Your Answers & Solve the Issue/Error.

Google Chrome has quickly become one of the most popular web browsers worldwide. With its latest performance improvements and Security Features like Google Password Manager, and Chrome’s Enhanced Safe Browsing, It Became One of the most secure web browsers in the market and also the most used web browser among users all over the world.

Google Chrome provides a great feature which is nothing but hardware acceleration. Hardware acceleration is used to do any tasks quicker than software that runs on the CPU. Hardware acceleration works by using the computer’s GPU to speed up processes and move some of the burdens off of your PC’s CPU onto the GPU & finishes the processes very quickly. Hardware Acceleration utilizes the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) to perform heavy tasks like 4K Rendering, Playing Games, or videos.

This Hardware acceleration feature in Google Chrome is mainly used for making use of the graphics card to speed up the browser and running any high-end Flash animations and 4k Videos Smoothly without any stuttering. Sometimes Hardware acceleration can cause lagging, freezing, or stuttering issues, and also it can drain your battery quickly. If hardware acceleration causes any of the issues then you need to disable it for sure.

*Important Note – An improper video card driver could cause instability or driver compatibility issues so you may need to install a proper video card driver as per your graphics card.

Nowadays, Google Chrome Comes with hardware acceleration enabled Out of the Box. So, You No Need to Enable it from Google Chrome. If Not Enabled follow our Guide Given Below.

Let’s See About it.

Steps For How to Enable & Disable Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome? 

Step 1: First of all Open Google Chrome and click on the three vertical dots (Kebab Menu) Which usually Exist on the top right corner.

Step 2: Now Select Settings Option From the Menu.

Step 3: Navigate to Advanced Tab and Click the System Option and Turn Off/Disable the Option “Use hardware acceleration when available” and Restart Google Chrome.

Step 4: Now Open Chrome and type chrome://gpu and check for the word Hardware Accelerated in the Graphics Feature Status.

If you see the Hardware Accelerated Word for most of the items then you’re done. If not then follow the below one.

Step 5: Just Open Google Chrome and type chrome://flags and Search for Override software rendering list and Change the Option from Disabled to Enabled.

Step 6: Now Press the Relaunch Button which appears at the bottom of the chrome.

That’s It. You’re Done. Have a Nice Day.

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