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How to Fix Volume Control Box Showing “chrome.exe” When I Change My Volume or When I Play Audio from YouTube or Other sources?

Hi Guys, Today I am Going to tell you How to Fix Volume Control Box Showing “chrome.exe” When I Change My Volume or When I Play Audio from YouTube or Other sources?

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Are you Looking for the Commonly Searched Term “How to Fix the Error When Watching a video and change volume, a ‘chrome.exe’ box is displayed?” (or) “How to Enable or Disable Volume Control and Hardware Media Key Handling in Google Chrome?”.

You are at the Right Place to Get Your Answers & Solve the Issue/Error.

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers in the world Google Chrome is said to be a Complete browser since it Provides a lot of features like Responsive Design, Security, Speed, and much more. Google always develops new features every time and keeps those new features in the Experimental/Beta Stage to check those features whether it properly working or not. These New Features will be moved to a Stable Version (Stable Release) & rolled out to all users through its official updates when these new features in Beta Stage are completely checked. The New Features which are being tested by Google Chrome is Called “Chrome Flags”.Chrome Flags is nothing but the Experimental/Beta Features that are under the testing phase and not available for use. But Luckily Google Doesn’t Hide these Features from Users. They allow the Users to Access the Google Chrome Flags.

To Use Google Chrome’s New features, Just enter “chrome://flags” in the address bar, Goto the flag that you want, Change the Settings from Default to “Enabled.” and hit the relaunch button to save the settings. On Google Chrome 75, They Introduced a new feature called “Hardware Media Key Handling”. This feature is mainly used for using the media keys available on the keyboard to play, pause, Fast Forward or adjust the Volume of the video playing in Chrome. If you Enable this Feature, You can control the media playback using the Keyboard Media Keys. If you think this Feature is not Useful for You and Causing any issues then disable it. So, It is Very Easy to Enable or Disable the Hardware Media Key Handling Flag from the Google Chrome Flags Settings. Some of the Users Reported that this Hardware Media Key Handling Causes the Volume Box called chrome.exe to keep on Pop up while watching videos on youtube or any other platforms. You can Follow the Below Given Guide to Fix these Pop-up Issues.

Let’s See About it.

Steps For How to Fix Volume Control Box Showing “chrome.exe” When I Change My Volume or When I Play Audio from YouTube or Other sources? 

Step 1: First of all, Go to Google Chrome and Type the Address (Given Below) in the Address bar. 


Step 3: Now Look for Media Session Service and Set Media Session Service to Default.

Step 2: Now Go to Google Chrome and Type the Address (Given Below)  in the Address bar.




Step 3: Now Look for Hardware Media Key Handling and Set Hardware Media Key Handling to Disabled.

Step 4: Click the Relaunch Button to Restart the Google Chrome and check whether the error is fixed or not.

That’s It. You’re Done. Have a Nice Day.

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