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How to Get Free SSL Certificate for Website 2020? | Cloudflare SSL Free Setup Tutorial

How to Get Free SSL Certificate for Website 2020

Hi Guys, Today I am Going to tell you How to Get Free SSL Certificate for Website 2020? | Cloudflare SSL Free Setup Tutorial.

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Steps For How to Get Free SSL Certificate for Website 2020? | Cloudflare SSL Free Setup Tutorial

Step 1: First of all Go to Google and search for Cloudflare .

Open the Cloudflare website and Create an Account and Login into the Account.

Step 2: Now Add your Site to Cloudflare Server by Clicking the Add a Site Button.


Step 3: Now Copy And Paste your Site in Required Field and Click the Button Add Site.

Step 4: After Adding the Site,they ask you to choose the plan.Just Select The Free Plan and Click Confirm Plan.You can also Choose Other Plans If you are willing to give money and also you’ll get more features and Better Protection Service than Free Plan.

Step 5: Here Comes the main part,Change You Nameservers From Your Domain Registar to Cloudflare .

Step 6: Goto To your Domain Registar whatever it is

*Just Delete their Nameservers and Replace it With the Cloudflare Nameservers.

After Replacing the Nameservers Click Save.

Step 7: Now goto Cloudflare Website and Click on the Button Re-check Now.

Step 8: Wait For Some Time.You’ll See a Message ” Great News! Cloudflare is now protecting your site”.

Step 9: Now Turn On The Always Use HTTPS.

Step 10: Now Goto Crypto Tab And Change the SSL Setting From Full to Flexible.

That’s It ! You’re Done Man ! 

@@@ Frequently Asked Questions @@@

  • Does Cloudflare offer free SSL? – Yes.
  • Do SSL certificates expire? – Yes, But it Renews on its Own.
  • Does Cloudflare offer free SSL For Lifetime ? – Yes.
  • What Happens After 1 year Usage of SSL Certificate ? – Expires and Renews Itself. 

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