Hi Guys, Today I am Going to Show you about How to Increase Seedr.cc Storage Space for Free? | How to Get 6 GB Free Space in Seedr for Lifetime?

If You Keep on Search for “How to Get Seedr. cc 5gb Free Space” or “How to Extend Seedr Storage Space for Free?” and “How to Increase Seedr Storage Space?”. You are at the Right Place to Get Your Answers & Solve the Issue/Error.

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We all use torrent sites to download torrent files and download torrent files using BitTorrent and utorrent clients. Sometimes, we may face speed issues due to torrent seeds and health problems. To overcome the speed issue, we all search for the term how to convert the torrent file into a direct download link, convert the torrent file to direct download link online and this is the one we all going to search for high speed downloading and some of us also searched for convert 20 GB torrent file to direct link IDM and this type of search is funniest one. Though no service provides huge space for converting torrent to Direct link for free except seedr which provides free space up to 6 GB. This one is the highest Free Storage provided by any companies. In that Seedr, firstly they give 2 GB space alone but we can increase up to 6 GB. It’ll Explain it Below Clearly, Check It Out, Guys.


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Steps For How to Increase Seedr.cc Storage Space for Free? | How to Get 6 GB Free Space in Seedr for Lifetime?

Step 1: First of all Go to Google.com Link and search for ” seedr “and go to the seedr website.

Step 2: Now open New Tab in your browser and type ” temp mail ” in your search bar and open that website.

Step 3: Now you can see the generated fake email id’s.

Step 4: Now Click on the button ” Copy to Clipboard ” and Copy the specific fake email id.


Step 5: Now Paste the email and type any passwords which might be easier for you and Click the button ” Register With Email “.

Step 6: After Register, You’ll Receive this message and the next step is to verify the mail.


Step 7: Goto Temp Mail website and click on the Refresh Button and wait you’ll receive the activation mail to confirm.


Step 8: Open the activation email and click the Start Button


Step 9: Now Click the Activate Account Button to activate the account.


Step 10: Now you’re moved to your Dashboard Section and Click the Dropdown Menu Button on the top right corner and there you’ll see the option called ” Earn Free Space “. Click on it.


Step 11: You can see the options to get a 2GB free space and these three options are very easy to get. Follow the instruction that they said below.


Step 12: This part is the main part to get another 2GB Free Space, they give you a referral link. Using this link you can add up to 4 members of your friends or your relatives to get 2 GB Space for free [ Each Member Joins – 500 MB ]. This can also be done easily.


Step 13: Now Copy the Referal link and Log out of your account


Step 14: Now Copy the Referal link and Log out of your account and open a new tab and paste it.


Step 15: Now open a new tab and open a temp mail website and copy the new fake email id.


Step 16: Now paste the email id and register the new seedr account on your referral link page.


Step 17: Now Repeat the above another three times. Same Procedure nothing is  New. After Creating the Four Duplicate accounts, Now goto your first created account Dashboard.

Step 18:  Watch Out For the storage space it gets increased to 5 GB.

Step 19: You’re Done, Buddy! Let’s Go Enjoy Converting Torrent Files to Ultra-Fast Direct Links.

@@@ MY TIPS @@@

Always Use IDM for Better Speed Performance and Faster Downloads especially with Seedr.

That’s It! You’re Done Man

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