How to Prevent Corona Virus 2020 ? | Coronavirus Prevention Steps 2020

How to Prevent Corona Virus 2020

Hi Guys, Let me tell you to How to Prevent Corona Virus 2020? | Coronavirus Prevention Steps 2020. 

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a highly infectious disease caused by a new virus.

Main Cause – Respiratory illness


4.Difficulty in breathing [ For Severe Cases ]

How it Spreads?

1. Coronavirus disease spreads through contact with an infected person when they cough or sneeze.

2. It also spreads to a person who touches a surface or object which has the virus on it, then touches back to his/her eyes, nose, or mouth.

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@@@ Prevention and Precautions @@@

5 Important Ways to Prevent You From Being Attacked By Corona Virus

Steps For How to Prevent Corona Virus 2020 ? 


Step 1: Maintain a Certain Distance While Talking

coronavirus India

This is the best way to get away from viruses transmission. When we meet our friends or office mates just take 10 steps backwards [ That is 1.5 Metres is enough ] and talk to them. This Will Prevent you from Attack of Corona Viruses Spread.

Step 2: Avoid Handshake and Wash Your Hands Properly

how to prevent coronavirus disease

1. Avoid Handshake is also the main part of Transmitting viruses from an infected person to a normal person. If you want to wish a person, use Our Traditional Indian Method Namaste ( Vanakam ) or Salute method to wish them.


2. Wash your Hands Often you touch any products or things. Avoid buying Things or any products from online stores until viruses settle down. If Buying a product means no problem after opening the boxes just wash your hands with Sanitizers like Dettol. Hand Washing techniques is an important one to be followed to kill the viruses located in your hand.

Let’s Follow the Way Of Washing Hands Below,

how to prevent coronavirus disease

Step 3: Use Kerchief While Sneezing and Coughing

how to prevent coronavirus disease

A most common form of Virus spreading occurs when there is no proper usage of kerchief while sneezing and coughing. We must Use kerchief while coughing and sneezing.

Step 4: Avoid Over Crowding and Keep Your Place Clean


How to Prevent Corona Virus 2020

Virus Spread takes place in most forms and in that most important is Overcrowding. When we overcrowd in a place we can also get caught by viruses when some of the affected people cough, sneezes or touch us.

We Should Avoid Overcrowding because overcrowding leads to virus transmissions. It has Huge impacts on transmissions.

How to Prevent Corona Virus 2020

Cleanliness is also a part of Preventing viruses. We Must Keep Our Place Clean and neat and wash your homes at least 1 time with Dettol or any other liquids.Clean Everything at the put in a dustbin.

Use Disinfectant Sprays & Liquids to Maintain Clean and Healthy Home,office.


Step 5:  Try to Maintain Good Immune System


How to Prevent Corona Virus 2020

Last But Not Least, This Is a Main One If the top 4 steps failed in a situation this one can help and prevent you from viruses. This is nothing But Maintaining your body’s immune system. When you have a Good Immune system, it will fight back with foreign bodies like viruses, bacteria entering your body. If it fails, then you’ll suffer much a lot.

1.So in order to Maintain a Good Immune System, You must eat Vegetables, Fruits, cereals..etc

2. Wash the vegetables, fruits before eating.

The List Of Immune Increasing Fruits and Vegetables are,

Spinach, Broccoli, Gooseberry, Ginger, Almonds Citrus fruits, Watermelon.

@@@ My TIPS @@@

1. Stay Safe in Home till the virus goes away and also maintain the good immune system in your body.

2. Aged Persons like 60+ should avoid going outside for walking or jogging. You can Use treadmill at home.If you want to go use a mask to wear and then go.

3. Don’t Do any Regular Activities for a while.

Be Calm and Stay Safe at Home Guys !!!

Fight The Corona Viruses ! and Stay Happy!

Health is First And All Others Things Are Next !!!

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