How to Block Youtube Ads on Chrome 2020 ? | Stop Seeing Youtube Ads on Chrome Methods

How to Block Youtube Ads on Chrome 2020


Hi Guys , Today I am Going to tell you to How to Block Youtube Ads on Chrome 2020 ? | Stop Seeing Youtube Ads on Chrome Methods.Once Upon a time the websites and bloggers are considered to be a extraordinary sources of internet . Because Those days , whatever we want we went through search engines like Google , Bing and Yahoo and search for it . But Nowadays Youtube is became the best source for content whatever we want . Youtube Reduces the Search times of a User and Explain Everything Visually .So Users Moved Towards Youtube . Usually Advertisement Considered as the important one for promoting the content of person or company.At First Websites and bloggers were used to show the ads in their respective websites and they were called as publishers . They Earn Money from the advertisers Whenever a User Clicks the Ad . Google adsense is the #1 Leading Company for both Advertisers and Publishers till Now . In Websites Google adsense ads are blocked by Using Adblock Extensions and In Mobile using Opera Browser We can Block Website Ads except those website which installed the anti-adblock scripts. So, Nowadays Advertiser Shows more interest in youtube platorms because the ads wont be skipped but it can be blocked or disabled by some Methods .

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Steps For How to Block Youtube Ads on Chrome 2020 ?

Step 1 : First of all Go to  and Type Video Adblocker For Youtube and Search it You’ll Find the resuts.

Step 2 : Now open the browser Extensions site of which browser that you have been using . It is Upto You . If Using Chrome Means Then Goto Chrome Extension Site.

Step 3 : Now Click On The ” Add To Chrome ” Button and Install The Extension .

How to Block Youtube Ads on Chrome

Step 4: On the Top Right Corner You’ll Find the extension and click on it .

Step 5 : Now Here the main step after clicking the icon a window will appear . In that Window Turn on the “Enable Button  “.

How to Block Youtube Ads on Chrome

Step 6 : After Enabling Now Go To Youtube and Play Any Video You Want And Now check the Video Timeline There will be no yellow marks (Usually No. Of Yellow Marks Indicates No. Of Ads).

How to Block Youtube Ads on Chrome

Step 7 : That’s All You Done It Man . Keep Rocking !

Enjoy Watching Ad Free Videos Without Buying Youtube Premium Plans !!

If You are using Mobile Just Try ” Youtube Vanced App ” It Will Be Great For You to Block Ads in Mobile .

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