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Youtube Channel Optimization Best Practices: Why You Need to Choose Tubebuddy? | Youtube Best SEO Tools

Youtube Channel Optimization Best Practices (2021): Why You Need to Choose Tubebuddy? | Youtube Best SEO Tools 

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What is Tubebuddy?

In Simple Words: TubeBuddy is a Youtube Certified Tool That integrates directly into      YouTube to help you run your channel with ease.

It has a Unique FREE browser extension & mobile app

A Greatest Tool for Every Youtuber !

Youtube Channel Optimization Best Practices: Why You Need to Choose Tubebuddy? | Youtube Best SEO Tools 

Top Most Important Tubebuddy Features 

1. Advanced Keyword Research Tool

TubeBuddy helps you find high-performing Keywords, and searchable video topics, and Suggest you the perfect titles and tags.

Youtube Channel Optimization Best Practices (2021)

2.Bulk & Misc Tools

Much Easier in Updating Thousands of videos in a Single Click with TubeBuddy’s Bulk Processing Tools. (Update Cards, End Screens, Thumbnails, Descriptions and more!)

Youtube Channel Optimization Best Practices (2021)

3. SEO Studio (BETA) ( PREMIUM )

Just Optimize your Video Metadata for a specific keyword and Also Making a Perfect Searchable Title,Description and Tags for your Video.

4. Click Magnet ( PREMIUM )

Click Magnet is a Tool Mainly designed to help creators to Determine the type of content their audience craves and ensure that they are doing everything possible to get potential viewers to click and watch their videos.

Youtube Channel Optimization Best Practices (2021)

5. Video Topic Planner

Manage and Get ideas for future video topics

It helps in saving those great video suggestions from your audience in the video comments area and you can easily view and create a topic on it whenever you need it.


There are 65+ Tools Offered by Tubebuddy which makes the work easier. 

There are 15 Data & Research Tools Which Make you a Pro Youtuber!

1.Brand Alerts
2.Channel Access
3.Channel Backup
4.Channel Valuation
6.Click Magnet
7.Comment Word Cloud
8.Competitor Scorecard
9.Competitor Upload Alerts
10.Demonetization Audit
11.Export Comments
12.Health Report
13.Language Analysis
14.Retention Analyzer

There are 19 Productivity Tools That Helps to Manage your Youtube Channel.

1.Advanced Video Embed
2.Canned Responses
3.Card Templates
4.Comment Filters
5.Comment Formatting
6.Comment Spotlight
7.Coppa Center
8.Default Upload Profiles
9.Emoji Picker
10.End Screen Templates
11.Playlist Actions
12.Quick Links Menu
13.Quick-Edit Toolbar
14.Scheduled Publish
15.Scheduled Video Update
16.Sunset Videos
17.Thumbnail Generator
18.Upload Checklist
19.Video Topic Planner

There are 10 Bulk Processing Tools That helps to Create, Edit, Update or Delete Youtube Videos in Bulk.

1.Bulk Copy Cards
2.Bulk Copy End Screen
3.Bulk Delete Cards
4.Bulk Delete End Screen
5.Bulk Find, Replace & Append
6.Bulk Thumbnail Overlays
7.Bulk Update Cards
8.Bulk Update End Screens
9.Bulk Update Playlists
10.Demonetization Double-Check

There are 17 Video SEO Tools that Helps Your Channel to Reach the Top of the Searches in Youtube and Also Optimize Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) In Youtube

1.Auto Translator
2.Best Practice Audit
4.Keyword Explorer
5.Opportunity Finder
6.SEO Studio
7.Search Explorer
8.Search Positions
9.Search Rank Tracking
10.Suggested Tags
11.Tag Lists
12.Tag Rankings
13.Tag Sorter
14.Tag Translator
15.Video A/B Tests
16.View and Copy Video Tags

There are 8 Production Tools That Makes the Final Process More Easier!

1.Best Time to Publish
3.Pick a Winner
4.Promotion Materials
5.Publish to Facebook
6.Share Tracker
7.Share on Twitter
8.Vid2Vid Promotion

Features Availability  – Tubebuddy Free vs Pro vs Star vs Legend 

Youtube Channel Optimization Best Practices (2021)

Youtube Channel Optimization Best Practices (2021)

Youtube Channel Optimization Best Practices (2021)

Let’s See About Pricing Ranges 

Normally, Price Ranges Starts from

PRO – $9/Month ( ₹700/Month)

STAR – $19/Month ( ₹1400/Month)

LEGEND – $49/Month ( ₹3500/Month)

If You have Pay Yearly + Having Less than 1000 Subscribers , Price Ranges Starts from

PRO – $3.6/Month ( ₹250/Month)

STAR – $15.2/Month ( ₹1000/Month)

LEGEND – $39.2/Month ( ₹2700/Month)

Youtube Channel Optimization Best Practices (2021)

If you are a part of Non Profit Organisation, you will get an additional 25% Discount of any License.

Don’t Wait For It

That’s It! You’re Done Man! 

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