How to Update/Clear Google Amp Cache?

How to Update/Clear Google Amp Cache?

Hi Guys, Today I am Going to Show You How to Update/Clear Google Amp Cache?

If You Keep on Search for “How to Clear Google Amp Cache” or “Amp Cache Url Generator” and “Amp Cache WordPress Plugin”. You are at the Right Place to Get Your Answers & Solve the Issue/Error.

Usually, Google Amp Cache Can be Cleared Easily, We Found the Exact Solution for it.

Let’s See it Below.

A Google Amp Cache can be cleared Via 3 Ways 

1.Amp Cache Url Generator

2.By Manually, Converting the URL to Amp Cache Url Format.

3.A WordPress Plugin

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Method 1: Amp Cache Url Generator

Step 1: Go to this below link and Enter your Website or a Specific Page Which you want to clear the Google Amp Cache.

Step 2:Now After Entering the Website, an Amp Cache Url Will be Generated for your URL.

Step 3:Just Click on the Url that’s it. or Just Copy Paste the Newly Generated URL in your browser and Press Enter.



Method 2: By Manually, Converting the URL to Amp Cache Url Format.

Step 1: First of all You have to Replace every dot(.) with a dash(-)

Example: to example-com

Step 2: Now You need to Add AMP Project CDN url:


Step 3: After Adding APM Project CDN Url, You have to Add Document indicate : /c


Step 4: You’ve to Add TLS indicate : /s


Step 5: Just Add SSL indicate https://


Step 6: Finally, Add the Document URL: /



How to Update/Clear Google Amp Cache?

For Updating the Google CDN Cache, You need an RSA Key and an update-cache link.

You can view the Guidelines and Steps to be followed for Generating an RSA Key Via this Below Link.

If you want to update your RSA key, you can access the RSA key through the AMP Cache link.


The update-cache request is called at this address:


You can Also View an Example  Which was Made by a Github User enteresanlikk

Example –

Method 3: A WordPress Plugin (Premium Plugin)

If the above two methods are not suited for you then pay some money ($20) and buy WordPress Plugin extensions named “ Purge AMP CDN Cache”.

 Purge AMP CDN Cache is an Addon/Extensions for Amp for Wp Plugin.

Just Buy this Extension from the AMP FOR WP Official Site and Rest of the work were done by this Cool Plugin.

* For More Information and Detailed Tutorials Follow this Link *

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